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Appartamenti in vendita vicino a Pamporovo

This is a luxury apartment complex in the mountain resort of Chepelare, situated in southern Bulgaria, in the heart of the Rhodopi Mountains.

The town is located at 1,200 meters above sea level, 230 km from the Bulgarian capital Sofia, 80 km from Plovdiv and 10 km from Pamporovo ski resort. In winter, the town offers excellent conditions for sports, comfort in the summer, activities like hiking, bike tours, rural tourism, mountain climbing. The town is 1 kilometer away from the lifts.

The residential building consists of six floors and two blocks. It offers 48 apartments and studios with an area of ​​78.25 m2 to 90.33 m2.

For the convenience of owners, the complex provides equipment for skiers, outside barbecue, hydraulic lift and parking. For your comfort the most of the apartments are equipped with a fireplace and an alarm.

The apartments in the A sections are offered fully finished "on key" stage.

  • installation - telephone, TV, security
  • emergency generator for electricity;
  • Heating - electric power saving battery;
  • isolation - hydro, thermal and sound insulation;
  • room - walls and ceilings: plaster board and latex sex: laminated parquet, terracotta and granite;
  • bathroom and toilet - fully equipped with plumbing;
  • kitchen - fully equipped;
  • windows - external: PVC; internal: MDF doors;
  • facade - facade insulation system, waterproof, mineral dauber.

Apartments in Building B are on rough stage of completion.



ID: 5961
Stato della proprietа:  Invalido
Regione:  Smolyan
Prezzo in Euro:  €13,666
Prezzo in GBP:  £11,881
Prezzo in USD:  $15,254
Categoria:  Appartamenti
Area :  6 ° piano
Camere da letto: 1 Bedroom
Zona giorno: 71.35m 2
Extra:  Elettricitа, Acqua
Ubicazione:  Nella stazione sciistica, Vicino alla stazione sciistica, In località termale, Vicino località termale, In montagna, In città, Vicino alla città, In zona di caccia, Vicino autostrada, In luogo di vacanza
Pubblicato:  Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Listino prezzi

App. # Pavimento App. Designo Tipo App. Vista App. Balcone Area (m2) Prezzo (€) Stato
Аp.1 0   2 Camere Complesso Si 75.25 m2 €36,874 Libero
Ap.2 1   1 Camera Complesso Si 105.82 m2 €51,852 Libero
Ap.3 1   1 Camera Complesso Si 71.35 m2 €34,962 Libero
St.4 1   Monolocale Complesso Si 27.89 m2 €13,666 Libero
Ap.5 2   1 Camera Complesso Si 60.89 m2 €29,836 Libero
Ap.7 2   1 Camera Complesso Si 50.43 m2 €24,711 Libero
Ap.8 2   2 Camere Complesso Si 88.10 m2 €43,169 Libero
Ap.13 4   1 Camera Complesso Si 60.89 m2 €29,836 Libero
Ap.15 4   1 Camera Complesso Si 50.43 m2 €24,711 Libero
Ap.17 5   1 Camera Complesso Si 60.89 m2 €29,836 Libero
Ap.19 5   1 Camera Complesso Si 50.43 m2 €24,711 Libero
Ap.20 5   2 Camere Complesso Si 88.10 m2 €43,169 Libero
Ap.21 6   1 Camera Complesso Si 59.32 m2 €29,067 Libero
Ap.22 6   1 Camera Complesso Si 54.01 m2 €26,470 Libero
Ap.23 6   1 Camera Complesso Si 49.09 m2 €24,054 Libero
Ap.24 6   2 Camere Complesso Si 85.74 m2 €42,013 Libero