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Casa in vendita vicino al Montana

House for sale, only an hour and a half drive from the capital, nestled at the colorful foothills of the Balkans. If you are keen to spend your time in this green oasis, amongst amazing nature and enjoy the quiet rural coziness, this is the place!

The house has stone foundations, wooden floors and brand-new air conditioning. It consists of three rooms and two bathrooms with toilets (one is under renovation). There is also a heated garage, barn, storage, another old brick house with one room and a corridor, additional farm buildings, and a store!

The yard is filled with more than 40 young fruit trees, there is a vegetable garden and a vineyard.

The road leading to the house is asphalted.

The village is busy (over 500 inhabitants). This is a place where you can grow a small business and enjoy your happiness ... away from the city hustle.

ID: 14243
Stato della proprietа:  Libero
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Regione:  Montana
Prezzo in Euro:  €25,500
Prezzo in GBP:  £22,170
Prezzo in USD:  $28,463
Categoria:  Case
Area :  1 pavimento
Camere da letto: 2 Bedroom
Zona giorno: 120m 2
Grandezza terreno :  1,000m 2
Extra:  Elettricitа, Acqua
Ubicazione:  In campagna
Pubblicato:  Monday, July 27, 2020

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