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Cheep House Near The Mountain

Looking for a cheap house.! This offer is just for you – small one storey brick built house situated in a lovely village at the foot of the West Stara Planina Mountain some 20 km from the town of Vratza. The area boasts of its picturesque gorges, marvellous waterfalls, caves and plenty of rivers. Those who have seen the charming countryside has been fascinated.
The village is situated in a plain area very close to the mountain in the immediate proximity of the main road to Sofia. It will take you about one hour and a half to get to the capital and the International Airport.
The house we offer to you is really cheap as it is not inhabited now. Some little repairs are needed that won’t take you much efforts. The house is one storey with stone slates. Three rooms and a corridor spread on 70 sq.m living area. The toilet is outside and a bathroom is necessary but our local workers could do all necessary repairs for your convenience.
The garden included in the property is quite large – 2000 sq.m. It allows you to cultivate plants or even build a new house.
Just look at the price and contact us know!!!

ID: 955
Stato della proprietа:  Venduto
Regione:  Vratsa
Prezzo in Euro:  €10,400
Prezzo in GBP:  £9,042
Prezzo in USD:  $11,608
Categoria:  Case
Area :  1 pavimento
Grandezza terreno :  2,000m 2
Extra:  Elettricitа, Acqua
Ubicazione:  Fiume vicino, In campagna, Vicino alla città, In zona di pesca, In zona di caccia, In luogo di vacanza, Vicino alla montagna
Pubblicato:  Thursday, April 5, 2007

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