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House For Sale

This is a one storey brick built house situated in a currently developing village some 10 km away from Elhovo. The house is structurally sound but needs repairs to become livable. It is supplied with electricity, water and telephone line. There are three rooms spreading over 70 sq m living area. The toilet is outside next to the house but it could be relocated upon your request.
2200 sq m garden is included in the property and there is a well for irrigation.
If you are looking for some quiet place where you could go fishing and hunting it’s a good suggestion. The village lies in beautiful unspoiled area in the valley of the big river Yantra. The seaside is about one hour and a half driving away.

ID: 1957
Stato della proprietа:  Libero
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Regione:  Elhovo
Prezzo in Euro
12,500, €11,500
Prezzo in GBP:  £9,998
Prezzo in USD:  $12,836
Categoria:  Case
Area :  1 pavimento
Grandezza terreno :  2,200m 2
Extra:  Elettricitа, Acqua, Telefono, Pozzo
Ubicazione:  Fiume vicino, In campagna, Vicino alla città, In zona di pesca, In zona di caccia, Vicino alla montagna
Pubblicato:  Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Contatta ci con riferimento a questa proprietа