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Old Property In The Countryside

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This is an old but cheap property located in a big village 24 km away onlyfrom the city of Pleven. The village is situated at the bank of a river, running towards the Danube. It is a well organized one and has very good communications. All amenities are nearby. The border to Romania is 35 minutes away. The area is rural and peaceful, suitable for agriculture. It offers oportunities also for fishing, hunting and rural and eco-tourism. This village is a perfect retirement place.

The house is a 1-storey house comprising of 3 rooms. It is solid but needs repairs, plastering, new paint, new double glazed windows and flooring. An outbuilding is attached to it. There is also a summer kitchen.

The garden that goes with the property is 1500 sq m and can be organized in a way that will fit your expectations.

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ID: 1950
Stato della proprietа:  Libero
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Regione:  Pleven
Prezzo in Euro:  €9,500
Prezzo in GBP:  £8,259
Prezzo in USD:  $10,604
Categoria:  Case
Area :  1 pavimento
Grandezza terreno :  1,500m 2
Extra:  Elettricitа, Acqua
Ubicazione:  Sul fiume, In campagna, Vicino alla città, In zona di pesca, In zona di caccia, In luogo di vacanza
Pubblicato:  Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Contatta ci con riferimento a questa proprietа