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Construction Ban Imposed In Bulgarias Protected Coastal Regions

Environment and Water Affairs Minister Djevdet Chakurov would impose a ban on the construction in Bulgaria’s protected coastal areas located in the Emine-Irakli region.

The ban would be in force for a period of one year. The protected areas are home of some rare wildlife species, a Council of Ministers press release said.

Chakurov said that Nessebar municipality received 813 plans for construction in the region, including the setting up of resorts. If such projects were carried out unique species could become extinct, Chakurov said.

The Cabinet approved an idea for the creation of a workgroup that would draft unified procedures code for future construction in the coastal areas.

Representatives of the Environment, Regional Development, Agriculture and Economy ministries would be part of the workgroup.

Each month members would meet to decide upon a set of criteria for reviewing construction projects and the issuing of permits.