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Rousse Holiday Property Market Losing Appeal

Foreign interest in holiday properties in Rousse region has stalled because prices have soared immensely and available properties have lost their attractiveness, with the market is suffering a lack of retail space in Rousse’s downtown, reported on March 4 2008.
Plots designated for construction of holiday houses command similar values in neighbouring municipalities: in Byala they score 21 euro a sq m, in Ivanovo – 24.5 euro a sq m, in Vetovo – 20 euro, in Dve mogili – 23 euro and in the villages around Rousse they fluctuate between 20 and 25 euro a sq m.

At the same time, there is a shortage of commercial developments in the city centre, where most available properties were small and located in old buildings. Prices hover in the 1 800-2 000 euro a sq m range. Retail areas in broader central area are more lucrative – they sell at 1 100 euro a sq m.

Transactions in agricultural land have hit the highest price levels in Rousse-Veliko Turnovo region, currently varying between 25 and 30 leva a hectare, exceeding the values of Varna and Dobrich region.

The common belief that Romanians were buying office and residential units in Rousse was erroneous, as their interest was directed primarily atagricultural land and industrial plots, said.