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Targovishte airport for sale again

A procedure for sale is about to be announced for the airport in Targovishte, which is not operational for many years. Now with fulfilling all requirements and rules defined by the law and on the basis of realistic and fair market value of the properties that it includes, the government interest will be protected. This was announced in the representative chamber by the minister of the transport, information technologies and the messages Alexander Tsvetkov, concerning a deputy question regarding the future of the airport in Targovishte.

In the middle of September the government canceled the decision taken at the end of the mandate of the previous government for selling the airport in Targovishte. Among the main grounds for stopping the fulfillment of the deal and the subsequent final cancellation, is the low selling price. The initial evaluation of the properties was 455 005 levs without VAT, the new evaluation assigned by the new minister Tsvetkov is 1 409 664 levs, i.e. more than 3 times higher compared with the evaluation from the old auction.

The property is with area 943 388 sq.m. together with the built in it two-storey massive reinforced concrete building - airport with the reception part, technical block and Restaurant and one-storey massive steal reinforced concrete building for technical support and maintenance.

In the beginning of September when the verification of the legality of the deal for the airport was still on going, the minister shared in-front of deputies that the aim after the airport is sold the new owner is to start working, after some investments. "I am personally skeptical regarding investments from the government side in the airport of Targovishte in case there is no private interest in it.