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Bulgaria With "economy Of Innovation" In 31 Years

Аfter thirty one years Bulgaria will start to develop an economy dominated by innovations. This means that business competes on the basis of new and unique products and not solely on prices.This is the prognosis of Andrea Casini, chief operating officer and vice chair of "UniCredit Bulbank", BNR (Bulgarian National Radio) reports. The analysis of the expert is dedicated to the specialization of the production sectors of the European market and Bulgaria's role as a member of the EU.According to Casini Bulgarian economy is now in a transition period between the so called "development period, defined by production factors" and "development period, defined by effectiveness". Bulgaria will be in this phase up to 2016.In the period 2017-2027 Bulgaria will develop an economy, led by effectiveness, which means that more effective production processes will be implemented and focus will shift to product and service quality.Between 2028-2038 Bulgaria will be in a transition period again, so that in 2039 it enters its third stage of development with an economy, led by innovation.