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Construction Output Grows Thanks To Increase In Infrastructure Demand

In light of the economic downturn and the de-acceleration of the dynamics in the real estate market, construction entrepreneurs and companies are re-directing their attention towards infrastructure projects, analysis from the National Statistics Institute (NSI) for February 2009 has revealed, as reported by Stroitelstvo Gradut. Construction output increased 6.3 per cent in January as opposed to December 2007 but fell 5.8 per cent against January 2007 figures. Construction on buildings accounts for 68.5 per cent of the total, with a monthly growth of 3.1 per cent, whereas urban construction amount to 14 per cent of the total, with three per cent growth as of February 2008. Real estate loans have increased by 2.7 per cent, whereas waste collection taxes soared by 7.9 per cent.