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Incredibly Cheap Bulgaria

The Telegraph recently reported on a survey by Holiday Rentals, confirming that holidaying in Bulgaria is excellent value for money and the cheapest self catering destination in Europe. The survey says that apart from the strong euro, living costs are what make the biggest 'dent in your budget'.Once you arrive in Bulgaria, holiday and living costs are incredibly cheap, making it a very attractive holiday destination.Holiday Rentals conducted a cost comparison across apartments and villas handled by themselves and the results demonstrated that Bulgaria is the best destination for a "good value, self catering holiday at the moment". According to the company, the Black Sea coast resorts around Varna and Bourgas work out far cheaper than similar accommodation in the Med. In Bulgaria you can expect a two bed villa with pool to work out at only 300 to 400 British pounds a week, compared to some 450 to 700 per week in Spain. France, Italy and Greece work out the most expensive.From cheapest to most expensive:1. Bulgaria2. Turkey3. Spain4. Portugal5. France6. Italy7. Greece: