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Israelis Intend To Invest In Dobrich

The Israeli company AFI Europe has expressed interest in the business zone in Dobrich.This was announced after a meeting between the mayor of the town Detelina Nikolova and representatives of the Israeli company, informed Darik radio. The executive director of the company Shimon Ben Hamo and Tsahi Tabakman and the executive director of "Business park Varna" took part in the meeting.The guests visited business zone Dobrich in order to get acquainted with the conditions and the possibilities for business in the regional town.Last month AFI Europe opened officially its third office building within the business park.The visit of the Israeli investors is conducted a month after the visit of the ambassador of Israel Noah Gal Gendler in Dobrich.The Israeli company is a leader in the development and investments in real estate and infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe. The company deals with purchase, renovation, management, maintenance and sale of real estate as well as with projects in the field of trade centers, big office centers, luxurious residential buildings, business and logistic parks.The headquarters of the AFI Europe is in Netherlands.