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Sofia Court Legalises Disputed Hotel

The administrative court in Sofia overruled on May 22 a decision by the National Construction Control Directorate (NCCD) that had ordered Hotel Dunes in Slanchev Bryag to be torn down. Hotel Dunes is owned by the VAI holding of former businessman and the owner of the Lokomotiv-Plovdiv football club, Georgi Iliev, who was murdered in 2005. The hotel is built over the former site of restaurant Dune, Dnevnik daily said.

NCCD had ordered in the summer of 2007 that the hotel be torn down because its construction was not laid out in the original plans.

The administrative court ruled that the company that managed the construction, LBJ, also owned by Iliev, had all necessary permits for the construction of a "restaurant, housing block, service unit and parking," Dnevnik quoted the court decision as saying.
According to the court, these sections were built in complete adherence with the construction plans, even though parts of these sections were inside a hotel that was not included in the construction plans.

According to the court, the NCCD had omitted to specify which part of the construction was not in accordance with the plans. Also, NCCD was said to have missed the seven-day deadline for objections when it issued a right of use permit in 2004.

The case was ongoing at the administrative court in Bourgas, but in December 2007 was moved to the Sofia administrative court. Neither court could explain the move, Dnevnik said.