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Spaniards To Drink Bulgarian 'boliyarka' Beer

Bulgarian beer ‘Boliyarka' company starts to export beer for Spain and Cyprus.

The abroad sales are planned to reach capacity of 70 to 100 thousands hectoliters beer.

Thanks to the six new cylindrical containers for fermentation of the beer the sales are expected to increase with 5-10% and the export to Romania to double.

The brewery's execute director shared the factory intends to launch for sаlе new sort of beer own production, which will be of new class and will be bottled in 330 and 500 ml bottles.

Other renewal of ‘Boliyarka' company is the beer with transparent self-sticking label.

The factory invested 1 million EUR in the new technology ‘Clear label' which brought it an award from the Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski and the big award of Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce - ‘Ikar' statue.